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September 08, 2008


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Your dh is absolutely correct, you look gorgeous!! Congratulations! I am so thankful that others have been blessed to see and recognize your God given talent, a blessing we enjoy on a weekly basis.

We are so very happy for you and proud of you! YEAH!!!!

Blessings for many more moments like this in the future.

We love you all,


WOW! Dianne won the Arts for Life award! I am so happy for her. Congrats Dianne!

Rightmyer Rants

WOW - you have a beautiful family! You ALL looked great!

Congrats to your wife!


That is so awesome!! Congrats! You ALL look fabulous too!


CONGRATULATIONS DIANNE!!! I'll say it again, any woman who can be a half goat/half man and still be sexy to her husband, should win an award! Really, you were great, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so! You look fabulous in the pics! Gregg, I think you have finally taken a good picture of Dianne!


I have even more pics...and she looked good in ALL of them (well, except for this one unfortunate chipmunk-looking picture at the dinner).

I think I got good pictures because she was so stunned she wasn't talking! She was just walking around with this dazed smile on her face trying to take it all in.

Gregg's Mom

Congratulations Dianne. We knew you were good, but it is really nice to be recongnized. Even if you hadn't won, we still would think you were very good. Just being nominated is an honor. I think all the others were very good also and I hope they realized being nominated validates that.
Dianne, you played your role at the church drama yesterday very well also. Congratulations! Way to go!

Gregg's Mom

I really should organize my thoughts before I comment. I wanted to say how proud we are of you, but I didn't want to indicate just because you won. Even if you hadn't been nominated, we are so proud of who you are, what you do, and just you!


I'm fricking reading your post and crying.. your pride for your sweetie oozes out of your blog.

...and FYI..worth EVERY penny on the dress.. HAWT! :-)


Yeah! Well deserved, sometimes it pays to succomb to playing the hairy chest role! Great job!


...and where's the picture of Bob?


can i say again how much i love your family? there are a few out there that make me think of the positives of having kids/traditional family life, and yours is one.

please pass along my most sincere congratulations to her: for the award, for your family, for your beautiful daughters. you two have really created something really special.


Thank you all for your kind congratulations and compliments. I was very honored and surprised to receive the award, there were so many talented people there. It was also a lot of fun getting all dressed up and to see Gregg in a Tux...:-)

Thanks again!


Your wife is definitely gorgeous - and I love the sparkly dress!! Congrats to her and to you for having such a wonderful family.


Alright, are you two trying to incite jealousy in the entire world? Blogger of the universe awards, Hollywood red carpet treatment, Rodeo Drive good looks. What's next?

Wendy Kienbusch

Dianne does look fabulous. I heard about that dress a while ago but it is quite stunning on her! Congratulations on the award and your beautiful family.

Dan Geiger

CONGRATZ Dianne!! We are so proud of you!! Thanks for everything you do!

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